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Process for Ordering Promotional Products

process for ordering promotional products

The process for ordering promotional products for your business requires time to complete. Beginning to end, the process for ordering branded promotional items can take up to six weeks. This process requires planning to allow for effectively communicating with your designer to ensure your artwork is set up correctly. This ensures you are getting a quality product that is right for your brand. Knowing more about how the process works will help you better understand how and when to begin.

Step-by-Step guide: Process for Ordering Promotional Products

Step One: Product Selection & Estimating (2-4 days)

Determine the target audience for your promotional items and the purpose behind the campaign. Are you looking to increase brand awareness, reward loyal customers, attract new clients or boost event attendance? Brainstorm, with your designer, a list of potential promotional items that align with your brand, customers and purpose. Consider items that are practical and relevant, and are likely to be appreciated by your target audience. Have a budget in mind for this step to help narrow down your options and choices.

Step Two: Art Set Up & Approval (3-5 days)

Once you have selected your products and have a cost estimate, you can then decide how to customize the promotional items with your brand logo, name or message. Work with your designer to create artwork that is not only clear and attractive, but also is consistent with your brand identity. Your designer can help ensure the artwork is set up correctly for the appropriate print process. Review the artwork proof carefully for accuracy and request revisions if necessary.

Step Three: Production (7-10 days)

After the art is approved, it is time to place your order. Pay attention to any minimum order requirements and discuss delivery timeframes. Production can take some time. It is important to plan with this in mind to ensure the timely arrival of your items.

Step Four: Shipping (3-5 days)

Once the production of your items is finalized, they will be packaged and shipped. One important consideration for this step is not only allowing for the shipping time, but also any steps you must complete once you have the items in hand. This could include sorting, bagging or even delivery depending on the purpose of your items.

Using this guide to plan for ordering your branded promotional items will not only help you with scheduling, but also will reduce any uncertainty or stress associated with the arrival of your items. Your designer will make sure you get the items that fit within your budget and effectively promote your brand, while also helping you achieve your marketing goals.

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